Beat the winter blues… baking

My walking group’s outing to the Chilterns has been cancelled due to the snow, so I am staying indoors for the day. Then I suddenly had this urge to bake… I love cooking but baking isn’t exactly my thing. However, since I discovered a great muffin recipe last year, I have been experimenting on variations based on this recipe.

This healthier recipe uses yogurt instead of milk and olive oil instead of butter. I have previously made blueberry muffins with blueberries and blueberry yogurt. This time, I am using Rachel’s Organic low-fat vanilla yogurt with chopped banana and crushed dark chocolate.

The muffins may not look like the ones sold in the shops, but they are healthier and more delicious. For someone who has never really enjoyed baking, I am starting to enjoy it more, maybe this is also due to the influence of BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off‘. So if you haven’t baked for years, why not try again because you may be quite pleasantly surprised!


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