Goodbye autumn…



Autumn is my favourite season of the year, so I am feeling slightly melancholic to see the beautiful red and yellow leaves withering away and looking slightly bare. Yet this is the cycle of nature, and even though I haven’t been able to go hiking out of London, I am glad that nature can still be found within the city.


skypall mallautumnautumn


In summer, London is full of tourists, so it is not very pleasant esp. around the centre, and even in parks, it would be hard to find a nice spot on a sunny day. In late autumn, however, the city is less busy and it is especially pleasant to walk in parks because you see only dog-walkers and joggers. Sometimes if I am feeling stressed with work, even a short walk in the park can help me to clear my mind.

As busy Londoners, we are always rushing, doing something or checking our smartphones, and we don’t even have time to observe what is around us anymore. Actually we don’t need to trek outside of London to enjoy nature, we can enjoy beautiful sunset in the middle of the city if we just slow down our pace and look up into the sky. Although these magical moments usually happen very quickly and unexpectedly, it is really worth the short while to appreciate the wonders of nature.


kensington gardenskensington gardens kensington gardenskensington gardens

Kensington gardens in late autumn



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