Mino washi from Gifu exhibition

mino washi paper exhibition

Mino washi paper exhibition at The Proud Archivist


I have been wanting to visit Mino in Gifu Prefecture in Central Japan for a while. My motive is to do with none other than paper, as Mino is renowned for traditional Japanese paper making.

The origin of Mino washi can be traced back to the Nara period in 8th century; and in 2014, these paper making techniques were added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


mino washi paper exhibition mino washi paper exhibition


Unsurprisingly, I was quite thrilled when I found out about the ‘Mino Washi from Gifu’ exhibition at The Proud Archivist. The exhibition showcased some of the finest contemporary uses of Mino washi paper, whilst exploring the tradition and craft of this classic Japanese material.

Paper lanterns were the prime focus at this small but well-curated exhibition. The centre of the room was filled with an array of delicate and beautiful washi lanterns in various shapes and sizes, including works by well-known Japanese designers Isamu Noguchi and Shigeru Uchida.


mino washi paper exhibition mino washi paper exhibition


Aside from lanterns, the exhibition also displayed traditional paper making tools, mulberry bark, miniature paper sculptures of the washi making processes, and a film footage on the topic. Visitors could also purchase paper products sold by Wagumi, a London-based shop that specialises in Japanese design products.


mino washi paper exhibition mino washi paper exhibitionmino washi paper exhibitionmino washi paper exhibition


I had the opportunity to speak to Yoko from Wagumi, who kindly provided me more information on Mino and other paper-making cities in Japan. Our chat has given more incentive to visit the city when I next travel to Japan, and hopefully, it will be within the next two years!


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