Re:new Tohoku exhibition & event


I stumbled upon the Re:new Tohoku: a tradition of perfection brought to life for you exhibition at Asia House by chance, and while I was there, I chatted to the organisers who then kindly invited me to the buyer’s event later in the evening.

This exhibition showcases beautiful Japanese handicrafts and design products made by craftsmen and companies based in the affected earthquake/ tsunami region of Japan. There are a wide range of products on display including kitchenware, tableware, ceramics, stationery, fashion accessories and traditional wooden Japanese dolls etc.

I was particularly drawn to the beautifully crafted wooden stationery items made by Alte Meister ( a traditional wooden Buddhist alters maker founded in 1900), and the cute music boxes shaped like cakes and houses by Kumanodo. However, if I have to pick my favourite item, it would be the stunning sustainable pair of beechwood Faggion speakers by Bunaco ( if only I could afford them)!



I was lucky enough to speak to the exhibition’s project leader, Watanabe-san, who is from Fukushima and continues to live in the region to support local businesses. Apparently, he was drinking in a pub when the tsunami hit, his house was saved because it was on a higher ground. He told me that most locals in the region are trying to live as normal as possible, despite the constant media attention and radiation scare. I have a huge admiration for the Japanese’ optimism and strength in dealing with crisis, their strong sense of community spirit is so commendable.

During the evening event, I was able to meet some Japanese designers based in London, meanwhile, there was plenty of sushi and sake to go round. There was also an unforgettable and energetic taiko (Japanese drumming) performance by Joji Hirota (a well-known percussionist based in the UK), accompanied by Bruce Huebner‘s ( a Californian flutist and saxophonist based in Yokohama) shakuhachi (bamboo flute).

It must have been a lucky day for me because not only did I accidentally get myself invited to such an interesting event, I also won a prize at the lucky draw… something that never usually happens to me! It was £40 worth of vouchers at Wagamama!

An unexpected but amazing day…


Re: New Tohoku: a Tradition of Perfection Brought to Life for You at Asia House will end on 15th July.


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