My Cigno Seventy


Finally, the sun is out and I was able to take my┬ábeloved Cigno Seventy out for a ride in my local area…

As a huge supporter of online shopping, I buy almost everything online ( except for fresh food) including my bicycle from Italy! Two years ago, I was looking for a foldable bike for leisure, and when I saw the the Cigno range of retro bicycles inspired by the legendary Graziella, icon of the years 60/70, I fell in love with them immediately! I was slightly torn between buying a Brompton or a Cigno, but decided to go for latter, which was also cheaper! With so many colours to choose from, it was hard to make a decision, but I eventually went for the orange Amsterdam… ( I wonder if this subconsciously influenced the colour of my company’s logo?)

I have to admit that I am a sucker for beautiful designs, so practicality sometimes is not too high on my list! I think this bike is comfortable and great for leisure, but probably not suitable for commuting on the busy streets in Central London. It is also not very light, so it is not as practical as the Bromptons and cannot be carried around easily. However, my bike does attract a lot of attention and compliments, and it does its job very well, so I can say that I am a proud and happy owner of this lovely bike!


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