Adventure in the Cotswolds

Our starting point: Stratford-upon-Avon


My friend from abroad is in town and I suggested a long walking weekend in the Cotswolds to get away from London and the Olympics. It started off pretty well in Stratford-upon-Avon, but little did we know, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong once we left town and reached the Cotswold way


All about Shakespeare…


Not only did we get very lost, went off track and ended up walking on a busy B-road with no sidewalk; we also walked for miles to visit a garden only to find out that it was closed! Meanwhile, my friend injured her knee and we had to ask some kind strangers for a lift to the nearest village… but the most bizarre event was one of our hotel room’s fire alarm went off for no reason at 3 am in the morning, forcing us to escape from my room in our nightwear!


The charming Chipping Campden & Little Orchard where Graham Greene used to live


Despite the few disastrous incidents, we were helped by many friendly locals and we really appreciated the beauty of the Cotswolds even in the rather unsettled weather. The long weekend provided a taster for us, now our aim is to return again sometime in the future and retrace the route once more, hopefully, we will be better prepared.


Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower, a view from the top and the historical Lygon Arms in Broadway



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